Top HTML5 Javascript Game Development Frameworks

12 Jan

Online gaming is something that millions of people all around the world will get involved in on a daily basis and it is a market that is huge at the moment. Although there are a huge number of online games out there, there are always others being developed and there are a number of great HTML5 frameworks out there now to make creating these games easier than ever. With knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5, almost anyone can begin creating their own fantastic web games. Here are some of the best frameworks:
akhibari Top HTML5 Javascript Game Development Frameworks

  1. GameQuery: This is a fantastic framework that is actually a JQuery Plug-in that you can add. The plug-in basically adds a number of game related classes to your JavaScript game development area which will allow you to do a whole range of fantastic things much more easily. This is a project that is currently in the relatively early stages of development but it is already clear to see that it is going to be fantastic after a few creases are ironed out.
  2. Akihabara: This framework is basically a set of libraries and tools that will allow game developers to create indie style games in HTML5 and JavaScript. By Indie looking games, we mean games that have the look of the old 8/16 bit games. The great thing about this is that there is no flash plug-in needed at all. Once again. The engine could do with a little more refining but the results usually look great in a variety of browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. This is a great tool to start creating some great web games.
  3. Effect Games: This is basically a website that gives you a lot of free online tools that will help you to build fantastic web games. There are a number of things like sound effects, music and much more. These tools are perfect for creating games on Mac OSX, Linux, Windows and a number of the browsers out there.

These frameworks for creating Javascript/HTML5 web games are becoming more readily available as Flash gets phased out, so keep a lookout.

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